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September 2014 - IOxOS Technologies releases the third generation of its PCI Express to VME64x Transparent Bridge targeting Xilinx Artix-7 devices for low cost and power efficient single chip solutions [learn more]

ALTHEA 7910 featured product

Single Chips Solutions / Althea 7910 Series


September 2014 - IOxOS Technologies releases the third generation of its PCI Express to VME64x Transparent Bridge targeting Xilinx Artix-7 devices for low cost and power efficient single chip solutions [learn more]

Ultra High-Performance Data Acquisition/ ADC_3110


May 2013 - IOxOS Technologies unveils an ultra high-performance data acquisition system under EPICS environment, combining the IFC_1210 with the new ADC_3110 FMC modules, featuring up to 16 channels with 250 Msps @ 16-bit data acquisition capability

Single Board Computer / VCC_110x



August 2012 - IOxOS Technologies introduces the VCC_110x, a 6U VME64x Single Board Computer with the latest generation of intel Core i5 and i7 processors [learn more]

Single Board Computers / IFC_1210


September 2011 - IOxOS Technologies introduces the IFC_1210, a 6U VME64x Single Board Computer which leverages the Freescale PowerPC P2020 and Xilinx Virtex-6T 40nm FPGA win-win combination [learn more]


Single Board Computers / IPV_1102


April 2011 - IOxOS Technologies extends its comprehensive family of PCI Express centric COTS introducing the IPV_1102, a 6U VME64x Single Board Computer based on PowerPC P2020 computing core and Xilinx Virtex-5T FPGA [learn more]


I/O Interfaces / MPC_1200


November 2010 - IOxOS Technologies introduces the MPC_1200, a 6U VME64x Multi Purpose IO Carrier board based on latest Xilinx Virtex-6T and Spartan-6 40nm FPGAs [learn more]


I/O Interfaces / PEV_1100


May 2008 - IOxOS Technologies unveils its PEV_1100, an innovative high performance PCI Express to VME64x interconnecting solution for upgrading existing VME based systems to PCI Express technology [learn more]

A Comprehensive Family of PCI Express based COTS Solutions


By combining our IP Cores with our hardware design expertise, IOxOS Technologies provides a comprehensive family of PCI Express based COTS solutions in the most popular industry form factors such as VME64x, VXI, PXI Express, PMC, XMC and FMC among others

Our COTS product line offers a modular, FPGA centric and obsolescent-proof system architecture which has its fundamentals in a complete range of complementary products:



FPGAs are at the core of almost all these products. To make the most of these high-performance programmable devices and enable the integration of custom applications, our COTS product line is powered by the TOSCA solution, an FPGA Design Kit developed by IOxOS Technologies which covers all the development path, from the software application to the FPGA user code

A Comprehensive set of IP Cores optimized to target any FPGA or Structured ASIC


The base of IOxOS Technologies modular system architecture is a proprietary IP Core library which implements a wide variety of functions to enhance every FPGA centric solution:


  • High-level functions: PCI Express bridges to several interfaces (VME64x, VXI)
  • Low-level functions: Intelligent DMA engines and memory controllers
  • Avionics data buses: ARINC 664, ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553B and CAN
  • RTCA DO-254 compliant IP Cores for airborne safety critical applications


FPGA Design Kits for the Implementation of High-Performance Custom Applications


The most challenging issue FPGA designers face is the integration of their application with all the IP Cores necessary to implement a fully functional FPGA

To overcome this challenge, IOxOS Technologies released the TOSCA FPGA Design Kit solution, a comprehensive FPGA design environment which provides full visibility and facilitates the integration of the user application within a high-performance PCI Express switch centric architecture, offering:


  • A hardware platform independent solution
  • A Network on Chip (NoC) architecture based on a full-mesh non-blocking switch
  • VHDL source code fully available
  • Full support at Hardware, Firmware and Software levels
  • A drastical reduction of the development time, focusing on the user application


DO-254 Design & Services: Reliability by Design

In the aerospace domain, IOxOS Technologies assures the highest level of reliability in the design of safety critical airborne applications thanks to its combined RTCA DO-178B and DO-254 expertise
DO-254 is a document providing guidance for the development of Airborne Electronic Hardware (AEH), published by RTCA and accepted as a mean of compliance by both FAA and EASA certification authorities
We offer DO-254 compliant electronic designs targeting the most critical Design Assurance Levels (DAL A) in order to fit all the possible applications, from critical airborne systems to high-reliability ground-based equipments. This design expertise is complemented with consulting services, from gap analysis to supporting processes management


IOxOS Technologies is an active member of the DO-254 Users Group, joining aerospace companies, experts, tool vendors and component manufacturers involved in the conception, development and certification support of AEH

Hardware Design


IOxOS Technologies provides hardware design services, from the customer specification to the final implementation, validation and verification, covering the following fields of competence:

  • IP Cores
  • Fully functional FPGA and Structure ASIC designs
  • System on Chip (SoC) and Network on Chip (NoC) solutions
  • Board design in the the most popular industry form factors (VME64x, VXI, PXI Express, PMC, XMC and FMC among others)
  • Ruggedized hardware development: Conduction cooled systems 
  • RTCA DO-160 compliance
  • RTCA DO-254 complex electronic hardware for airborne safety critical applications


Consulting Services


Our consulting services have as main objective to guide our customer through the following key processes:

  • Evaluation of new technologies
  • Hardware specification, validation, verification and implementation
  • System integration
  • Industrialization, cost reduction and obsolescence management


RTCA DO-178B & DO-254 Expertise


IOxOS Technologies offers support for RTCA DO-178B and DO-254 compliance, including gap analysis, document templates, design guidelines, design life cycle plans and supporting processes


Who Are We?


IOxOS Technologies is an electronic design company offering innovative solutions to system integrators in the aerospace, physics and telecommunication industries. The company combines a comprehensive product line with engineering, consulting and training services covering both hardware and software domains

We are proactive members of the following associations and programs




Fields of Expertise


Our fields of competence cover:


  • PCI Express based COTS solutions (Single Board Computers, IO Interfaces, Mezzanines Modules) in the most popular industry form factors such as VME64x, VXI, PXI Express, PMC, XMC and FMC among others
  • FPGA Design, combining our own IP Core library with high-performance FPGA Design Kits based on Network on Chip (NoC) architecture
  • RTCA DO-178B and DO-254 Design and Services for safety critical airborne applications



Our Philosophy


IOxOS Technologies main goal is to reach customer excellence through our ongoing commitment with innovation. To reach this objective we have close contact with relevant academic and research institutes in order to keep our innovative spirit up to date. Several partnerships with aerospace, physics and telecommunication industry leaders have been established in the framework of our collaborative network


This strategy allows us to follow and even anticipate the industry trends, providing our valuable customer with innovative solutions capable of fulfilling the most demanding requirements