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State of the art technology at the service of High Energy Physics

IOxOS Technologies is a Swiss electronic design company offering innovative solutions to system integrators in the physics, aerospace and energy industries
The company complements a comprehensive product line with engineering, consulting and training services covering both hardware and software domains
By combining our IP Cores with our hardware design expertise,
IOxOS Technologies provides a complete family of PCI Express based COTS solutions in the most popular industry form factors such as VME64x, MTCA.4, VXI, PXI Express, PMC, XMC and FMC

FPGA centric COTS solutions targeting High Energy
Physics applications with extended life cycles

IOxOS Technologies’ COTS product line offers a modular, FPGA centric and obsolescent-proof system architecture which has its fundamentals in a complete range of complementary products
All these high-end FPGA centric COTS are powered by a proprietary FPGA Design Kit (TOSCA series), that enables the integration of the end user application within a high-performance Network on Chip (NoC) based architecture
This added value is complemented with an extensive experience in several industrial sectors, a deep know-how to develop the most demanded industrial form factors and a proactive support together with product customization options to achieve the highest customer service excellence
An extensive EPICS ecosystem of open source tools, libraries and applications is growing around our COTS, with the invaluable collaboration of the Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) in Switzerland, aiming to support the physics community in the development of efficient distributed real-time platforms for precision instrumentation and state of the art accelerator control systems