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ADC_3210 Ultra-Fast ADC FMC module: FMC / FMC+ HPC form factor 8 channels ADC 14-bit @ 1.3 Gsps AC/DC coupling Clock and user-defined inputs ADC_3210_DS_A1 Read more


ADC_3117 High-Density ADC: FMC HPC form factor 20 channels ADC 16-bit @ 5 Msps 2 channels DAC 16-bit @ 1 Msps Single ended or differential inputs Clock and user-defined inputs ADC_3117_SDS_A0 Read more


DAC_3113 Fast DAC FMC module: FMC HPC form factor Dual channel ADC 16-bit @ 250 Msps Dual channel DAC 16-bit @ 250 Msps DC coupling Clock and user-defined inputs DAC_3113_DS_A1 Read more


ADC_3112 Ultra-Fast ADC FMC module: FMC HPC form factor 4 channels ADC 12-bit @ 1 Gsps DC coupling Clock and user-defined inputs ADC_3112_DS_A1 Read more


8 channel ADC 16-bit 250 Mps Eight channel (8) 16-bit/250Mps ADC Single width FMC VITA 57.1-2008 Based on latest generation ADC technology Sophisticated clock tree distribution On board low noise power supplies generation Temperature sensor ... Read more


Key Features • Single width FMC VITA 57.1-2008: ✔ HPC 400 pins connector ✔ Two(2) 3M Shrunk Delta Ribbon (SDR) connectors ✔ ~1[W] typical power consumption • Sixteen(16) TTL digital inputs (+24V tolerant) • Sixteen(16) TTL digital outputs • ... Read more


Dual ARINC 664 End System Controller XMC Mezzanine Module Built on latest Xilinx Virtex-6T technology with PCI Express GEN2 embedded support XMC VITA 42.3 form factor supporting PCI Express GEN2 x4, x2 and x1 Up to Two (2) Dual Redundant ARINC ... Read more


Dual PCIe x4 External XMC Mezzanine Dual PCI Express x4 External cabling Standard Interface Support for PCIe Upstream / Downstream connections PCIe x4 GEN1 & GEN2 Re-Driver with Equalization / Emphasis OPTO coupler isolation for PCI Express ... Read more