PCI Express to VME64x Transparent Bridge for Xilinx Artix-7 Devices

  • Transparent PCI Express – VME64x Master / Slave Bridge with embedded chained DMA and local shared memory
  • Single chip, low power solution (< 1.5[W])
  • Network on Chip (NoC) based architecture
  • True PCI Express End Point x4 GEN1/GEN2 (v 2.1)
  • Targets Xilinx Artix-7 XC7A75T device in FGG484 package
  • Available in Commercial, Industrial and Military (XQ7A100T device) temperature ranges
  • Higher performance compared to legacy ASIC solutions
  • Low Read latency (PCI Express-VME64x)
  • VME 3 and 5 rows support
  • Little / Big endian conversion by hardware
  • High performance DMA (>1’600 MBytes/s with PCI Express GEN2)
  • IO Space for CSR mapping
  • Programmable Memory Space window size (Prefetchable and Non-Prefetchable)
  • INgress MMU based IO scatter-gather on PCI Express and VME Slave ports
  • VME Address CFG, A16, A24, A32, ADO, and ADOH
  • VME Data D08, D16, D32, BLT32, MBLT64, 2eVME, 2eSST, and 2eSST Broadcast to access multiple VME slaves
  • System Controller PRI, RRS, BTO, 2eBTO
  • Customization upon request
  • Drivers for Windows XP/7, Linux and VxWorks

ALTHEA 7910 – PCI Express to VME64x Transparent Bridge

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