ADC_3117 High-Density ADC: FMC HPC form factor 20 channels ADC 16-bit @ 5 Msps 2 channels DAC 16-bit @ 1 Msps Single ended or differential inputs Clock and user-defined inputs ADC_3117_SDS_A0 Read more


DAC_3113 Fast DAC FMC module: FMC HPC form factor Dual channel ADC 16-bit @ 250 Msps Dual channel DAC 16-bit @ 250 Msps DC coupling Clock and user-defined inputs DAC_3113_DS_A1 Read more


ADC_3112 Ultra-Fast ADC FMC module: FMC HPC form factor 4 channels ADC 12-bit @ 1 Gsps or 2 channels ADC 12-bit @ 2 Gsps DC coupling Clock and user-defined inputs ADC_3112_DS_A1 Read more


8 channel ADC 16-bit 250 Mps Eight channel (8) 16-bit/250Mps ADC Single width FMC VITA 57.1-2008 Based on latest generation ADC technology Sophisticated clock tree distribution On board low noise power supplies generation Temperature sensor ... Read more


Key Features • Single width FMC VITA 57.1-2008: ✔ HPC 400 pins connector ✔ Two(2) 3M Shrunk Delta Ribbon (SDR) connectors ✔ ~1[W] typical power consumption • Sixteen(16) TTL digital inputs (+24V tolerant) • Sixteen(16) TTL digital outputs • ... Read more